Lucky strays

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Nadia writes us on Facebook, asking for help for another stray:

“Hello everyone, yesterday night I fell in love with the sweetest stray dog ever.

Do you want to help?

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How you can help

I met him in Terrafal, Santiago, he’s a puppy and he really doesn’t look healthy, he needs some good care and I would love to do it.

The main problem is that tomorrow I am leaving Santiago by plane to go to Sal, and after 3 days i will leave Sal and go back to Europe.

I won’t stay any longer and I won’t come back to Santiago.

I need someone who can help me keeping him, doing the vaccinations and waiting for results, and then put him on a plane.

I am of course willing to pay for those exams and the plane ticket. He totally stole my heart and i want to help him have a better life.

How can I do? Thank you!”

Advising her to call Associação Bons Amigos in Praia, after a few days we receive more news:

“Here are some more pictures.

A friend found her and will take care of her until Bons Amigos will give her shelter and treatments.

I hope everything will be just fine and she’ll full recover!

She’s in a bad shape but she’s strong 😉”

Isimabo's dog lucky


It will take some time, but eventually will recover and we hope with all our heart so much love in this puppy.

Please help us continue our work!

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