The other side of the coinPublished 20 Dec, 2014 under News
I'm sat outside a small coffee shop in Sao Vicente, across the table from me sits a woman who is filled with the perfect combination of love, determination, sadness and hope ..continue reading »
A message from YashaPublished 02 Dec, 2014 under Eco Holidays, Stray Animals
Hello :0) I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday , I was up all night emailing everybody I know all the information and photos of your wonderful project. so sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye properly, but I WILL be in ..continue reading »
Published 29 Nov, 2014 under News
A short message from Anja, a tourist from Holland !! I had a great time at your shelterThe room was so nice, great locationAlso the cats stole ..continue reading »
From Spain to Cape VerdePublished 17 Oct, 2014 under Eco Holidays
Esta experiencia con mi hija fue de los mejores viajes , en LA TERRAZA fue todo espectacular y la que lo paso mejor fue mi hija ,Paula , jugaba con las niñas de los vecinos andaba libre de un sitio para otro ... a la terraza ..continue reading »
A sweet girl!Published 14 Oct, 2014 under News

A selfie of us

We were on our way to Salamansa. With me is a sweet girl, a ‘street dog’ from the small village Salamansa. The great staff and volunteers at Si Ma Bo Associaçaospayed her and cared for her following the days after her surgery. I happily rode in the back of the truck with her to provide her comfort during our travel back to here ‘home.’ Once we arrived there, we were happily met by a long term volunteer who lives in this small community. With her help, Si Ma Bo is continuing to spay/neuter & care for animals there surpassing the number of animals they have already sterilized there …more than 90%. Goal 100% ♥♥ Oh, she was welcomed by other dogs who were obviously her friends since I witnessed an immediate exchange in bathing and kissing.

Our timing was on point since Si Ma Bo had a planned event in engaging with the community. What a much needed day and lifted my spirits in the heart wrenching happenings day to day here with these poor innocent souls. No doubt, spay & neuter is the only solution to not enough homes and all the needless suffering that follows.


sunset in MindeloPublished 08 Jul, 2014 under Stray Animals, Volunteering
SUNSET   IN   MINDELO Hello! My name is Daniela and I would like to tell you briefly my experience as a volunteer at Vet for SIMABO ngo. First of all I would like to thank Silvia, Paolo and the Chief Vet Dr ..continue reading »
Travelling to Cape Verde from Switzerland!Published 20 Mar, 2014 under Eco Holidays
English Cabo Verde – A paradise in front of the West coast of Africa! The Cape Verde is a group of volcanic islands, similar to the Sahel-zone from the climatic point of view, scattered in the Atlantic Ocean (25°-30°C all year) in front of Senegal. The planning for our trip to ..continue reading »
New short SIMABO documentaryPublished 19 Aug, 2013 under News
SIMABO has a new documentary about our work to help stray animals, created by ZANDIR SANTOS,  a Cape Verdean video maker living in the USA ..continue reading »
Love, from near and far – the story of MadeiralPublished 16 Nov, 2012 under News
Having a pet requires love, responsibility and respect for life ..continue reading »
Former professional football player Patrick Kluivert visits SIMABÔPublished 07 Nov, 2012 under News
The former professional football player Patrick Kluvier and his family are travelling to the island of Sao Vicente on Wednesday to visit SIMABÔ ..continue reading »
We have a full-time vet!Published 07 Nov, 2012 under News
In the past we often had difficulties finding vets who would work for us for the whole year ..continue reading »
A successful partnershipPublished 07 Nov, 2012 under News
Loving father, concerned citizen, and friend of animals – this is our new partner, Patrick Kluivert ..continue reading »

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