All volunteers are special, but some are more special than others.Published 01 Dec, 2018 under Volunteering

Thank you PY Bagel for the great help you gave to SIMABO all around the clock!
We know it was difficult, to share the computer with Elettra, the sofa at the hostel with Dada, the office with Hektor, Raivosa, Blackie, Bia, Bea, Sarna, Natalino, Max, Thomas and occasional visitors!

Even our guests at the shelter had some great time with you!
We want to hope you will be back again, maybe after a loooong rest! ))
Missing you a lot…

Great news!Published 26 Nov, 2018 under Adopt

Great news! The album of our animals looking for a sponsor is ready! 💞💙🤩🐾😊 Some stories are still missing but they will be ready soon! 🤩🐾🤩🐾🤩🐾Thank you to Hannelore Hauquier for the great work🙏💙 🙏💙Thank you to all the volunteers for the great pics🙏💙🙏💙 and thank you to every body who will sponsor one of our animals or share our album!🙏💙🙏💙


Castanha and SimbaPublished 22 Sep, 2018 under Adopt

2 more puppies neutered and adopted the same day! They had been rescued with their mother in May and they went now. The mother was released after 2 months, when they were big enough and were already eating alone. Now they are gone as well… To be able to keep all this process going, for every mother/puppy rescued, has a high cost (about 9000 Euros per month). Please support our daily work with a donation! Any single Euro is welcome!

VolunteeringPublished 22 Sep, 2018 under Volunteering
Today we want to thank heartedly 🙏❤️🙏 a voluntary veterinarian who will always take a special place in our heart 💝 for his sweetness 🍰 and helpfulness!💝 Erica Benvenuto found herself to accompany our work at a very difficult time 😞😞 and we made it one more time✌️ only thanks to her patience and ..continue reading »
Children from Pedrera visit the shelterPublished 18 Sep, 2018 under Events
Yesterday we had the pleasure to host a trip 🚌of Sparkling Treasure, a Dutch organization that aims at supporting children👣 from poor families that don't have many occasions to have a trip out of town. 🌳🌲🦋🌱🦎🐞☘️🌿🌾🌵🌴So this time they visited for the first time our shelter in Lazareto ..continue reading »
30 short-finned pilot whales stranded in BoavistaPublished 07 Sep, 2018 under News
Yesterday, more than 30 short-finned pilot whales stranded in the west of the Cape Verdean Island of Boavista ..continue reading »
HELP USPublished 26 Aug, 2018 under Cats
This is what we found this morning in front of our office! 5 adult cats abandoned by some foreigner ..continue reading »
SalvadoraPublished 28 Jun, 2018 under Video

Salvadora tem muito medo de todo, mas…

Salvadora is a problematic dog: she is scared of everything…but behaviourist Katy Errock manages to take her our of isolation with… special English treats! Video by Annike, Dutch volunteerSalvadora è una cagnina problematica: ha paura di tutto…. ma la comportamentista Katy riesce a farla uscire dal suo isolamento con… biscottini speciali inglesi!!! Video di Annike, Volontaria olandese Salvadora è uma cadela com problemas: ela tem medo de todo…. mas a tecnica comportamentista Katy consegue tira-la do seu isolamento. Como? Com raçoes especiais Englesas! Video de Annike, Voluntaria Olandesa

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su Domenica 10 giugno 2018

Salvadora is a problematic dog: she is scared of everything…but behaviourist Katy Errock manages to take her our of isolation with… special English treats! Video by Annike, Dutch volunteer

One vet from Bosnia!Published 28 Jun, 2018 under Guests of the month

Thanks a lot to Gerlinde Weber and Dr. Emilio Lavezzari for sponsoring the flight of Dr. Svjetlana. And thanks a lot to country mate Gospa for taking care of her in her little free time! And, last but not least, thanks so much to Nicky Stevens for recommending her!

Dr. Svjetlana is a young veterinary doctor from Bosnia with a wide experience in spaying/neutering. After a couple of days operating with our local vet Guilherme Regy Oliveira, to get used to our protocols for anestesia, she is now able to neuter up to 14 animals per day! Great! Bravissima! Love you


One day in clinicPublished 28 Jun, 2018 under Video

Busy day at vet clinic

It's always busy at Simabo's Clinic. But today it was extremely busy.Please support our vets! Donate now: Tem sempre muito trabalho na Clínica de Simabo. Mas hoje tenha extremamente muito! Por favor, ajudem nossos veterinários! Dona agora: Annike

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su Lunedì 28 maggio 2018

It’s always busy at Simabo’s Clinic. But today it was extremely busy.
Please support our vets! Donate now:

Thank you Simone!Published 20 Jun, 2018 under Guests of the month
Beautiful Simone gave to SIMABO one month of his precious time as a robotic engineer! But he is also an animals lover, so he helped at the shelter a lot! And even at the hostel, taking care of our paying guests! Thank you Simone for ..continue reading »
Clinic moved!Published 02 Jun, 2018 under Events

Here we are, from one day to the other SIMABO’s clinic moved! After the last consultation at 7 PM in the “old” clinic, our little equipment was loaded on the truck and on the following day we could already attend the first patient in the new place! Thanks to Paolo ManzoniAilton SantosIrene La SirentatuSimone Comari, Gabriel and Ravi Silva for the effort!

God bless the generous donor that offered to pay for the rental for one year to allow the move to this bigger and more expensive place!

Thanks to Lilia Kalashnikova to be always present in the difficult moments of our association!
And thanks to all animal owners that come in bigger and bigger numbers to our clinic!

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