Lou’s story

Well, here I am, my name is Lou, a little dog rescued from Santo Antão.

Finally, I saw my dad. He came from France to pick me up.

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With Paolo, of Simabo, we went to the airport and we saw happen a huge thing in the sky, in a terrifying ROAR. Apparently, it’s a plane, like humans say.

And there I saw my daddy. I spent ten days to get acquainted with him.

And I remember that when I was in misery in Santo Antao, it was this man and his friends who gave me water and food.

It was just before that Simabo volunteers came to look for me, between the trash. Eight months, they did everything to make me healthy again.

Ten days ago he is back again. So emotional! He gave me a necklace, with a number on it. I realized that my time in Cape Verde ended.

For ten days, I got to know him better.

Then, one morning, he put me in a transport-cage and we all left to the airport.

They put me in the big weird thing with wings! I was scared! I remember that in the belly of “plane”, as they say, I heard a huge rumble, then I fell asleep.

After a stopover in a place that I did not know, I found myself in an unfamiliar place! In the morning, together with my exhausted dad, we arrived in a strange place: there was green, and trees everywhere, grass as I had never seen, flowers and…huge mountains, all white.

I had never seen this. It was so different from Santo Antão.

After several hours of sleep, I finally understood! I’m at 4000 km of Capo Verde, in France! And I finally have what I never dared to dream of before: a family.

For real! 🙂

After a visit to the veterinarian to establish new papers, I am doing a lot of discoveries!

A lot of people who are nice to me, a big black dog a bit grumpy but that does me no harm, new things to eat, a sofa to sleep.

The family adopted me!

Thanks Simabo for creating such a miracle!

Thanks Laginha for teaching me to be a good dog! I won’t ever see Cape Verde again, but I am better off now. I am at home!

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