Thanks to the guests that visited us in June and July!Published 04 Aug, 2017 under Eco Holidays

June is low season in Cape Verde, but nevertheless we had enough guests to contribute to our cause! We hosted mostly…

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su Sabato 5 agosto 2017


Thanks to the 68 incredible guests we had in February!Published 18 Feb, 2017 under Eco Holidays

Hi everybody! It was really a pleasure to have had you all with us this month! You helped us to cover our monthly expenses and to overcome an emergency: no fish for free from the usual provider this month, so we had to buy a lot of dry food, and it is very expensive here!

So thank you lovely Flora Bellouard and Noëlly Richard from France, Wieslaw from Poland, Daan Langendoen and also another Daan from the Netherlands and a lot of French girls! Thanks to Roberto from Italy, who stayed with us one whole month, thanks to Miguel from Portugal, to Nils from Holland and Nisse Nusse from Sweden! To Andrea the Sailor from Spain, great Mike from the USA, beautiful Nina Strauss from Paris, Maxime Reydel, the acrobat, Klaas the fried-eggs eater! Thanks to Renate Maijers from Holland and Nadir Leniny from Praia, to Stanislav from Russia, Laurent and his 3 hiking friends from France, ever happy Alexandra from Portugal, Ainhoa from Spain, ops, from the Pais Basco, and LaiTis Ya from France!

Thanks to Geert from Belgium, to Audrey Sablery, to Sonia Lefevre and her magic friend Sandrine from France, to Alice Meins, the Duch writer, Hendrick from Germany, ever happy Sebastian from Paris and Bastian from Austria, Patrick from Holland, Gerrie from Amsterdam, and Portuguise Jorge Ferreira from France!

Thanks to Maureen, Christoph, the Kershots and to Liana and Serena from Italy! Thanks to Francesco from Switzerland, to Samantha from Holland and her boyfriend from CV, to Ricardo, to Florent and his sister, and to Ann from France! And finally thanks to Santo Santagati, the long stayer at the Terrace, who contributed consistently to our budget!

Last but not least, thanks to AngeloStellari ElisaBosi, Alessandro Aureli, Maurizio and Nadia who visited us from Sal, and tothe many other friends that were with us in this very special month of February, spent among Carnaval reharsals, crazy stories and lots of laughter!

Viaggi solidaliPublished 07 Feb, 2017 under Eco Holidays


Mandy Sommacal e Martina Caporaletti, veterinarie, hanno scelto SIMABO per una vacanza solidale! Loro non passeranno le loro giornate a visitare cagnini sotto il sole, ma hanno acquistato un “viaggio organizzato” a S. Vicente e Santo Antao e raccolto alcune cose che ci sono utilissime, direi indispensabili: Farmaci, trasportini per gatti in metallo e anche un lenzuolo (con gli angoli 🙂) per l’ostello! Grazie di cuore per il sostegno e i regali!



Lucky straysPublished 27 Nov, 2016 under Adopt, Dogs, Eco Holidays

Nadia writes us on FB, asking for help for another stray:


“Hello everyone, yesterday night I fell in love with the sweetest stray dog ever. I met him in Terrafal, Santiago, he’s a puppy and he really doesn’t look healthy, he needs some good care and I would love to do it. The main problem is that tomorrow I am leaving Santiago by plane to go to Sal, and after 3 days i will leave Sal and go back to Europe. I won’t stay any longer and I won”t come back to Santiago. I need someone who can help me keeping him, doing the vaccinations and waiting for results, and then put him on a plane. I am of course willing to pay for those exams and the plane ticket. He totally stole my heart and i want to help him have a better life
How can I do??
Thank you!”


Advising her to call Associação Bons Amigos in Praia, after a few days we receive more news:

“Here are some more pictures. A friend found her and will take care of her until Bons Amigos will give her shelter and treatments. I hope everything will be just fine and she’ll full recover! She’s in a bad shape but she’s strong 😉”



It will take some time, but eventually will recover and we hope with all our heart so much love in this puppy!

Please help us continue our work!

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Guests of september!Published 23 Oct, 2016 under Eco Holidays, Guests of the month, Volunteering


This month we wanto to thank first of all once more Helen FreeSpirit, who was with us since the end of July and left in September! Then Sofia Gião Torrinha and Bastien for the great time we had together!


Then Razoul Aquarius (did you manage to take all the grogue bottles safe home?), then Mariana, who is Portuguise but works as a nurse with Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Guinee, then Aleksander, Dorota, her mother and her friend from Poland, then Jonathan and his two friends, and also Ursina and Tierry, from Switzerland, João Rosa from Portugal, Klaas from Belgium, Marine Thomas, Maurice, Benoit and Hugo with their girlfriends, Samuel and Fabio from France (but Samuel and Fabio are of Capeverdean origin), Kef and his friend from Holland, and finally Elly and her husband!

Thanks to everybody, also for standing the tropical rain taht hit Sao Vicente during more than a week in September this year!


The guests of MarchPublished 04 Apr, 2016 under Eco Holidays, Volunteering
In March we really touched every corner of the globe ! Even guests from Japan and Canada ! Then from Brazil,many from France and from Holland. Then Veronica and her friends from Spain,Laura from Great Britain,Danuta from Czech Republic and Allan from Denmark. The event that has most marked ..continue reading »
Guests in FebruaryPublished 07 Mar, 2016 under Eco Holidays
And in February, and not only thanks to the Carnival, we had our fill of guests! In fact, in addition to Carnival in the city, guests are widely enjoyed throughout the island, and even its neighbor, the beautiful and green Santo Antao! Thank Balthazar Sieders and ..continue reading »
Adventures in the World chooses SIMABO!Published 01 Mar, 2016 under Donations, Eco Holidays, News
During the last Christmas holidays, well two groups of Adventures in the World chose SIMABO for the organization of their tour in Cape Verde, including the purchase of tickets for the ferry (in season better not to risk) and excursions to St ..continue reading »
In a house, you know, you never finished …Published 25 Feb, 2016 under Eco Holidays, Volunteering
Well aware of Paul and Elisa, which help every day in the hostel ..continue reading »
A message from YashaPublished 02 Dec, 2014 under Eco Holidays, Stray Animals
Hello :0) I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday , I was up all night emailing everybody I know all the information and photos of your wonderful project. so sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye properly, but I WILL be in ..continue reading »
From Spain to Cape VerdePublished 17 Oct, 2014 under Eco Holidays
Esta experiencia con mi hija fue de los mejores viajes , en LA TERRAZA fue todo espectacular y la que lo paso mejor fue mi hija ,Paula , jugaba con las niñas de los vecinos andaba libre de un sitio para otro ... a la terraza ..continue reading »
Travelling to Cape Verde from Switzerland!Published 20 Mar, 2014 under Eco Holidays
English Cabo Verde – A paradise in front of the West coast of Africa! The Cape Verde is a group of volcanic islands, similar to the Sahel-zone from the climatic point of view, scattered in the Atlantic Ocean (25°-30°C all year) in front of Senegal. The planning for our trip to ..continue reading »

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