A very intense week: more than 100 castration in 5 days.Published 18 Mar, 2019 under Campaigns
In the past week we mounted our tent in Ribeirinha ..continue reading »
One more campaign in SalamansaPublished 03 Mar, 2018 under Campaigns

Salamansa is the village on Sao Vicente where we have more success, more participation and of course more…

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su sabato 3 marzo 2018

Castration campaign in LazaretoPublished 01 Mar, 2018 under Campaigns

31 animals spayed/neutered in 2 days by Dr. Guilherme Regy Oliveira.Lazareto is a difficult area at the margin of…

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su giovedì 1 marzo 2018

We have sterilized 7,858 dogs and 1,955 catsPublished 28 Jul, 2017 under Campaigns, Stray Animals

Abbiamo sterilizzato 7.858 cani e 1.955 gatti randagi a São Vicente, per un totale di 9.813 interventi. Aiutaci a…

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su Giovedì 20 luglio 2017

First spaying/neutering day in CraquinhaPublished 18 Apr, 2017 under Campaigns
First spaying/neutering day in Craquinha, on the outskirts of Mindelo! Thank you to all our supporters that make this possible, day in day out!   This morning, 7.30: Our mobile clinic is almost ready! A beautiful and very tame cat who came in a cardboard box will be ..continue reading »

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About Us
SI MA BO in Creole means “like you”. It is an organization dedicated to the care and protection of the local animal population based in the city of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, situated off the West Coast of Africa.
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SIMABO's Hostel offers 9 rooms, simply furnished but with everything you need for a relaxing and affordable stay. 


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