Samba Perna

Samba Perna

Sex: male

Age: 12 years 5 months

Size: Medium

Weight: 15 kgs


Room: Office

Sponsor: Karin Delgado

His Story

He was collected on the street on the occasion of the first castration campaign we organized in 2010, performed by Romanian vet Aurelian Stefan. He was in such bas conditions that it was impossible to operate him during the campaign. Se he was treated and he stayed with us until now. He is our oldest dog, being already maybe 5 years old when he was rescued. He is still very fit and still likes to be on the street for a walk alone, off the leash of our staff and volunteers! In spite of his age he is very quick and manages to ran away as soon as he finds the door open. He goes to the beach, and then he comes back to rest at the office. We love him a lot!