Sex: female

Age: 3 years 3 months

Size: Medium

Weight: 15 kgs


Room: Office

Sponsor: Elle Francois

Her Story

Is it a fox ? Is it a fennec ? No, this is a dog, Capeverdian yellow street dog, pure breed !  Behold BEA, a.k.a “the Bull” or “Disaster Devil”.
In spite of her rather big ears, young BEA didn’t hear the car coming… With 3 badly broken legs, she discovered Simabô’s clinic and awsome Dr. @_anna.kiss who was volunteering here and took great care of her, developing a special bond together.
So 3 broken legs never kept Bea from being a very playful dog, full of life, the most noisy and messy of all dogs recovering at the office… 3 months after, she was running again, just like nothing happened !
Now she got more calm and wise, and is patiently waiting for adoption. Interesting, isn’t it ?