Adopt an animal

Share your life with a new soulmate

Adopt an animal and you will be fulfilling one of their biggest needs: love and companionship!!

The dogs and cats rescued by Simabo receive around the clock care. It is important to continue this care for the animals not lucky enough to be adopted yet.

Costs for adoption are as follows:

  • Simabo’s yearly membership card: 12€
  • Vaccination with chip and booklet: 40€
  • After at least one month from vaccination: drawing blood, centrifugate it and preparing it to go to Europe, including looking for a carrier at the right time and for a vet in Europe that forward the serum to the competent institution: 20€
  • Anti rabies blood test (must be done in Europe by an authorized lab): 100€. If the test is negative, the pet can travel after 3 months from the date of the test, if the test is positive, the pet must be-revaccinated and the blood taken again after 1 month, and the re-tested, and if the test is negative, the pet can travel after 3 months from the test date.
  • Kennel for sending the dog/cat (as you deem appropriate, you can buy one here or send one from abroad at your expense)
  • Paperwork at the Ministry of Agriculture not before 5 days before departure: 10€ (including transport of the dog)
  • If you fly by TAP, taking the documents at the airport to get authorization to embark as soon as all the docs are available: 20€
  • Transport of the animal to the airport on the day of departure, sedation and any other needs: 30€

In case the animal you would like to adopt is not from our shelter but she/he is rescued by you and you would like to leave him/her with us for the time necessary to prepare him for travelling, you will be charged 200€ for the preparation work (normally longer than 4 months) and 100 €/month for food, medical assistance, spaying/neutering and any other need.


  • Choose the dog / cat you wish to adopt from our gallery (click the button below).
  • The pictures in the album may help you to decide.
  • Feel free to ask for further information by using the form below the animal card.
  • When you have chosen your pet, fill in the form below the animal card and tell us about you.
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Please use our contact page or write an email to for further information and instructions pertaining to travelling abroad and adoption fees.

For each animal adopted abroad there are hundreds who remain in Sao Vicente struggling every day for food and water.

Help us to help them to survive and to stop reproducing, creating even more suffering!

If you are unable to adopt at this time, you can sponsor one of our cats or dogs by covering their expenses on a monthly basis. He or she will be forever grateful, thank you!!

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