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SI MA BO in Creole means “like you”. It is an organization dedicated to the care and protection of the local animal population based in the city of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, situated off the West Coast of Africa.

The objective of SI MA BÔ is inclusive of, but not limited to, helping the cats and dogs living on the streets, especially in the poor quarters, that are often found to be hurt, traumatized or held in appalling conditions. SI MA BÔ also offers treatment to, and recovery time for those animals in need of intensive care, possible victims of street accidents or from the systematic poisoning authorized by the City Council to control the canine population growth on the island.

In addition to the direct care of animals SI MA BÔ also helps the local population of Mindelo, via educational classes, to address issues of neglect due to misunderstanding, through simple programmes on the need for anti parasite treatment, adoption and neutering, thus reducing and ultimately preventing the transmission of disease to human beings – a high cause of which results in the abandonment of animals.


SI MA BÔ also works to increase awareness in respect of animal rights to the local population, and offering advice on the protection and preservation of endangered species in threat of extinction.

Whilst the central aim of SI MA BÔ is the direct care of animals in need we also focus on the promotion and involvement of the local population in activities, offer informative meetings at schools, in operative centers or throughout cultural and scientific initiatives.

SI MA BÔ has been accredited directly to specific projects through the involvement of Veterinarian students from the University of Torino who can undertake their required 100 hours of rural internship at SI MA BÔ. Furthermore, SI MA BÔ is participating in the University of Camerino’s leishmania project and in the University of Torino’s scab project.

At Si Ma BO we are always looking and talent hunting for veterinarians and volunteers that would like to participate in the projects.

SI MA BÔ welcomes everyone who is interested to visit our new shelter, and to help with a donation in the form of field working, financial aid, and/or by the donation of materials (collars, leashes, anti fleas, holding cages for cats, etc).

Support SI MA BÔ using Paypal : info@simabo.org

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16th September, 2019
  1. Patty says:

    mi riempie il cuore vedere e sentire la voce del cuore che esce da ogni vostra intervista dei volontari e da tutto lo staff.
    Grazie a nome di tutti i pelosi !

  2. stefania says:

    siete meravigliosi! è confortante sapere che in qualche parte del mondo c’è qualcuno che pensa a questi piccoli amici dimenticati da tutti… continuate così!

  3. Cilene Fortes says:

    Olá!! chamo-me Cilene Fortes, estudo Relações Públicas na UNICV (4ºano).
    Estou desenvolvendo um plano de comunicação, um trabalho solicitado pela minha docente na cadeira de Laboratório de Comunicação Estratégica e queria pedir a vossa “ajuda”, visto que o meu trabalho será sobre a vossa instituição. Queria saber sobre alguns aspectos, como:
    – Qual a Missão, Visão, Objectivos e Valores da vossa organização;


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