One day in clinic

28th June, 2018

Busy day at vet clinic

It's always busy at Simabo's Clinic. But today it was extremely busy.Please support our vets! Donate now: Tem sempre muito trabalho na Clínica de Simabo. Mas hoje tenha extremamente muito! Por favor, ajudem nossos veterinários! Dona agora: Annike

Pubblicato da Si Ma Bô Associazione – Capo Verde su Lunedì 28 maggio 2018

It’s always busy at Simabo’s Clinic. But today it was extremely busy.
Please support our vets! Donate now:

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23rd April, 2019

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SI MA BO in Creole means “like you”. It is an organization dedicated to the care and protection of the local animal population based in the city of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, situated off the West Coast of Africa.
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