New short SIMABO documentaryPublished 19 Aug, 2013 under News
SIMABO has a new documentary about our work to help stray animals, created by ZANDIR SANTOS,  a Cape Verdean video maker living in the USA ..continue reading »
Love, from near and far – the story of MadeiralPublished 16 Nov, 2012 under News
Having a pet requires love, responsibility and respect for life ..continue reading »
Ehemaliger Profi-Fußballspieler Patrick Kluivert besucht SiMaBô-VerbandPublished 07 Nov, 2012 under Guestbook, News
Der ehemaliger Profi-Fußballspieler Patrick Kluivert und seine Familie waren an diesem Mittwoch auf der Insel São Vicente, und besuchten  den Tierschutzverein SIMABÔ ..continue reading »
We have a full-time vet!Published 07 Nov, 2012 under News
In the past we often had difficulties finding vets who would work for us for the whole year ..continue reading »
Former professional football player Patrick Kluivert visits SIMABÔPublished 07 Nov, 2012 under News
The former professional football player Patrick Kluvier and his family are travelling to the island of Sao Vicente on Wednesday to visit SIMABÔ ..continue reading »
A successful partnershipPublished 07 Nov, 2012 under News
Loving father, concerned citizen, and friend of animals – this is our new partner, Patrick Kluivert ..continue reading »
Amor, de perto e de longe – a história de MaderalPublished 16 Sep, 2012 under Dogs, News, Volunteering
Ter um animal é algo que exige, antes de mais nada, respeito pela vida ..continue reading »
A new life for FeoPublished 16 Sep, 2012 under Cats, News
This is Feo, who now happily lives with his new owners Cristian and Laura in Italy ..continue reading »
Kisses and hugs from SloveniaPublished 18 Apr, 2012 under News
2.3.2012Hello!Thank you for your concern ..continue reading »
Blog by Susan, UK Non-Veterinary VolunteerPublished 11 Mar, 2012 under News
SI MA BO December 2011/January 2012 My arrival in Cabo VerdeAs the plane touched down at Sao Pedro Airport, my fellow passengers applauded enthusiastically.I wondered if they knew something that I didn’t ..continue reading »

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