SAVE THE KITTENPublished 26 May, 2017 under Stray Animals

By the British director of Atlantic Heart we present now: Save the Kitten (and other animals)! Thanks Robbie McCallum for your steady support and your enlightening friendship!

School meeting!Published 26 May, 2017 under Events

One more school meeting about animals' rights in Cabo Verde! This time we met the children from the 4th, 5th, and 6th…

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HELP US!Published 17 May, 2017 under Case of the month

There are 7 of us: mother, father and 5 children! We have been abandoned in front of SIMABO's clinica couple of minutes ago! Please help SIMABO to take care of and find a home for us!

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Statistics!Published 17 May, 2017 under Sterilization and castration
Some statistics for the month of April: 224 animals neutered, of which: 123 dogs (52 males and 71 females) 101 cats (40 males and 61 females) for a total amount of about 4000 Euros including vet salary, surgical materials, anesthetics, antibiotics, deworming treatment, microchips for the dogs ..continue reading »
A Thursday At SimaboPublished 06 May, 2017 under Sterilization and castration, Stray Animals, Volunteering
  Today was just a Thursday, like every Thursday, like any other day: tens of people with their animals visit our clinic in Mindelo to treat their beloved friends: some of them will be spayed/neutered, other will be consulted, some will be dewormed or receive ..continue reading »
First spaying/neutering day in CraquinhaPublished 18 Apr, 2017 under Campaigns
First spaying/neutering day in Craquinha, on the outskirts of Mindelo! Thank you to all our supporters that make this possible, day in day out!   This morning, 7.30: Our mobile clinic is almost ready! A beautiful and very tame cat who came in a cardboard box will be ..continue reading »
Thanks to the 68 incredible guests we had in February!Published 18 Feb, 2017 under Eco Holidays

Hi everybody! It was really a pleasure to have had you all with us this month! You helped us to cover our monthly expenses and to overcome an emergency: no fish for free from the usual provider this month, so we had to buy a lot of dry food, and it is very expensive here!

So thank you lovely Flora Bellouard and Noëlly Richard from France, Wieslaw from Poland, Daan Langendoen and also another Daan from the Netherlands and a lot of French girls! Thanks to Roberto from Italy, who stayed with us one whole month, thanks to Miguel from Portugal, to Nils from Holland and Nisse Nusse from Sweden! To Andrea the Sailor from Spain, great Mike from the USA, beautiful Nina Strauss from Paris, Maxime Reydel, the acrobat, Klaas the fried-eggs eater! Thanks to Renate Maijers from Holland and Nadir Leniny from Praia, to Stanislav from Russia, Laurent and his 3 hiking friends from France, ever happy Alexandra from Portugal, Ainhoa from Spain, ops, from the Pais Basco, and LaiTis Ya from France!

Thanks to Geert from Belgium, to Audrey Sablery, to Sonia Lefevre and her magic friend Sandrine from France, to Alice Meins, the Duch writer, Hendrick from Germany, ever happy Sebastian from Paris and Bastian from Austria, Patrick from Holland, Gerrie from Amsterdam, and Portuguise Jorge Ferreira from France!

Thanks to Maureen, Christoph, the Kershots and to Liana and Serena from Italy! Thanks to Francesco from Switzerland, to Samantha from Holland and her boyfriend from CV, to Ricardo, to Florent and his sister, and to Ann from France! And finally thanks to Santo Santagati, the long stayer at the Terrace, who contributed consistently to our budget!

Last but not least, thanks to AngeloStellari ElisaBosi, Alessandro Aureli, Maurizio and Nadia who visited us from Sal, and tothe many other friends that were with us in this very special month of February, spent among Carnaval reharsals, crazy stories and lots of laughter!

It’s Carnaval time!Published 13 Feb, 2017 under Events, News

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And the winner is……. LEIDY!!!


Viaggi solidaliPublished 07 Feb, 2017 under Eco Holidays


Mandy Sommacal e Martina Caporaletti, veterinarie, hanno scelto SIMABO per una vacanza solidale! Loro non passeranno le loro giornate a visitare cagnini sotto il sole, ma hanno acquistato un “viaggio organizzato” a S. Vicente e Santo Antao e raccolto alcune cose che ci sono utilissime, direi indispensabili: Farmaci, trasportini per gatti in metallo e anche un lenzuolo (con gli angoli 🙂) per l’ostello! Grazie di cuore per il sostegno e i regali!



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