Story of a lucky strayPublished 22 Nov, 2016 under Adopt, Dogs, Eco Holidays, Guestbook
  "Cela faisait longtemps que je voulais revenir au Cap Vert , en particulier sur Santo Antao ..continue reading »
Thank you Sofia!Published 23 Oct, 2016 under Donations, Eco Holidays, Guestbook, Guests of the month


In spite of her young age, Sofia Gião Torrinha has a profound and genuine love of animals. She’s vegetarian because the animals are all the same: a dog doesn’t deserve more respect than a chicken nor a cow. Large or small, no animal deserves a life inflicted with great suffering.

This great love for animals took Sofia to volunteer for 2 weeks at SIMABO Association, on the island Sao Vicente, in Cape Verde – West Africa. Sofia’s provided great assistance in the care of our ‘guests’ at the shelter. They always like to play (look at his legs)!


During her stay, she visited Santo Antao, notoriously known as the green island. By boat, Santo Antao is just an hour away from Sao Vicente.

Thank you Sofia for all your help! We are so grateful for your all your contributions which were delivered in such a great demeanor with integrity, Please extend our gratitude to your family for the gifts for our hostel (which helps fund our project)!


Like a dog changes your family!Published 18 Mar, 2016 under Dogs, Guestbook, Volunteering
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THE ROSSANA AND GIORGIO’S TRAVEL!Published 27 Feb, 2016 under Events, Guestbook, News It's ready for lovely our friends the album of Rosanna Ranieri,our medical director,and Sergio Fiora,veterinary volunteer,supporter and advisor and also a photographer for the occasion!The album portrays the highlights of the last days of the project co-funded by the EU, which ended on 31.01.2016. To see ..continue reading »
LE MEILLEUR AMI DU CHIEN (ET DU CHAT) C’EST… SIMABO!!!!!Published 01 Jun, 2015 under Guestbook, News
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Dear prospect vet and non-vet volunteersPublished 09 Nov, 2014 under Guestbook, News, Volunteering
  Verde,  20th October 2014 I am writing as a current volunteer who has been working with the staff, management, and the volunteers with SIMABO Association for the past three months. When I first arrived in Cabo Verde, it was as a volunteer ..continue reading »
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Volunteer / intern at SI MA BÔPublished 25 Mar, 2014 under Guestbook
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Ehemaliger Profi-Fußballspieler Patrick Kluivert besucht SiMaBô-VerbandPublished 07 Nov, 2012 under Guestbook, News
Der ehemaliger Profi-Fußballspieler Patrick Kluivert und seine Familie waren an diesem Mittwoch auf der Insel São Vicente, und besuchten  den Tierschutzverein SIMABÔ ..continue reading »

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