King’s Day in HollandPublished 01 May, 2019 under Donations

🧡🙏🧡🙏🧡🙏Thank you so much to our Dutch supporters Elly Cornelissen e Peter Groen for raising 600 euros for us on King’s Day 🙏💙🐾🙏💙🐾🙏💙🐾 For the occasion, many friends donated objects for the charity sell and their lovely dogs accepted to be dressed in orange 🧡🐕💛🐕🧡🐕💛and to be petted and photographed by supporters that donated 50 cents! 🧡🐕💛🐕🧡🐕💛🐕🧡🐕💛🧡🐕💛

Never stop!Published 27 Apr, 2019 under Video

At Si Ma Bô we never stop. Every day there’s a new challenge, a new animal to rescue and lots of love to give!Never

New partnership!Published 18 Mar, 2019 under Volunteering

Great news from Vasco Calixto who is still volunteering for us from home! ✍️🧠👥👀👂🤝👍👊👣🕵️‍♀️👨‍💻👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🌎🌍Thanks to his experience and his hard work, he managed to sign partnership agreements with 2 students’ associations in Portugal: the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine in Lisbon and the Faculty of Biotechnology in Porto. 💥🌟🎊🎉🎈👩‍🎓👨‍🎓❤️🧡💛
So starting from now we’ll be able to receive more volunteers from those Universities! 👬👭👫👫🐱🐕🐈🐾❤️🧡💛
Once more: good job Vasco! 🙏🙏🙏

Maintenace work at SIMABO!Published 18 Mar, 2019 under Volunteering
We had never had a volunteer only for maintenance because it is difficult to find someone who is able to cope with a lot of different kink of work.. ..continue reading »
A very intense week: more than 100 castration in 5 days.Published 18 Mar, 2019 under Campaigns
In the past week we mounted our tent in Ribeirinha ..continue reading »
More donations for our animals!Published 16 Feb, 2019 under Donations

Here we are with a computer from Hannelore Glibert, food from Almo Nature, cages and beds from Dawn Bishop and, last but not least, a generous donation raised by Juliette Brinkman that was used to pay a big invoice with @Vetefarma, our very patient Italian vendor of veterinary medicines!

Some more food by Almo Nature that has been supporting us for many years.

3 of the 6 cages donated by our friend Dawn Bishop. They are a fundamental working tool for our driver Ravi Silva, who is usually alone to carry them with one or more dog inside.

One of the beautiful Kuranda Dog Beds we received in January from Dawn Bishop. Thank you Dawn for raising funds and donating for this great present!

Juliette Brinkmann with our children Max, Samba, Bea and Erica (now in Belgium with her great mother Hannelore Hauquier) during visit at our office. The generous donations Juliette raised among relatives and friends were used to pay an invoice for 1700 euros with Vetefarma, our Italian supplier of veterinarian medicines.
Thanks to all our donors!

What we need most now are volunteers!


Three more children ready to go!Published 16 Feb, 2019 under Adopt, Cats, Dogs
Three more of our children victims of the street are now ready to be adopted in Holland! Natalino was found in front of the door of the office on the 25th of December 2017 with a severely wounded leg.    Bea was hit by a car in front ..continue reading »
Good job, Vasco!Published 15 Feb, 2019 under Volunteering
@Vasco Calixto, 18 years, was with us one month, helping at the shelter and at the office ..continue reading »
Princess Erica in her castle in Belgium!Published 09 Feb, 2019 under Adopt, Dogs
After 5 months preparation and waiting, Erica has finally arrived in Belgium last night, the 8th of February 2019! Thank you so much Hannelore and your family for giving this great opportunity to one of the 12.000 dogs of Sao Vicente! Erica has already a ..continue reading »
Puppies’ care at the shelterPublished 14 Jan, 2019 under Adopt, Dogs
Unfortunately many puppies are abandoned at the shelter every month.. ..continue reading »

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